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October 14, 2009

Steve Thinks We Need Insurance Reform Too

Two months ago I wrecked my brand new car.  You know those rumble strips next to the freeway that are supposed to let you know when you get too close to the edge?  Well, I was texting my friend Steve and the noise from those things startled me so bad I dropped my coffee, swerved off the road, and hit a tree.  I was fine but my car was completely hosed.  I called around to three different car insurance companies to buy an insurance policy so I could get my car fixed but not one of them would pay for the repairs.  Worse still, none of them even offered me an affordable policy.  They said I was “high risk” (like that’s supposed to make me feel better).  It got me thinking that with all this talk about reforming our health insurance industry shouldn’t we take a good look at what these bastard car insurance companies do and force them to stick to the same standards. (more…)


December 22, 2008

You’re DOING IT WRONG! – Health Insurance

Health insurance has been a big topic of discussion lately and more and more we get to hear the opinions and experiences of individual Americans expressed in the mass media.  For the most part I understand people’s frustrations over in-network/out-of-network services, high co-pay amounts, paperwork nightmares, and outright fraud and deception executed by insurance companies in their payment policies.  What gets not only my goat but also an undue amount of airtime, however, is frustration over exclusion of “pre-existing conditions”.  Here’s the thing:

If you wait until you are sick before you get health insurance, you’re DOING IT WRONG! (more…)

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