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February 17, 2009

Evil Geniuses or Incompetent Idiots

Right now I am trying to figure out whether the current Financiapocalypse is a result of Democratic subterfuge, Republican conniving, or just plain old-fashioned incompetence.  Sliced any way the situation still looks bad. (more…)


December 14, 2008

Dialing Up Damage

Just a random thought but by my estimate nearly 90% of all unwanted phone calls (collections and solicitations) now originate from call centers in India and thus the script is delivered with a thick Indian accent.  I wonder if America as a whole is being negatively influenced to the sound of an Indian English speaker.  Is there possibly a new crazy class-action lawsuit in the making?  Could Indian-Americans (as opposed to American Indians) sue companies that have outsourced their collections, solicitation, and customer support communications for irreparably damaging their lives and future prospects?

Well, I mean of course they “could” but is it a strong enough case to have a snowball’s chance of interesting a decent lawyer?

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