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October 14, 2009

Steve Thinks We Need Insurance Reform Too

Two months ago I wrecked my brand new car.  You know those rumble strips next to the freeway that are supposed to let you know when you get too close to the edge?  Well, I was texting my friend Steve and the noise from those things startled me so bad I dropped my coffee, swerved off the road, and hit a tree.  I was fine but my car was completely hosed.  I called around to three different car insurance companies to buy an insurance policy so I could get my car fixed but not one of them would pay for the repairs.  Worse still, none of them even offered me an affordable policy.  They said I was “high risk” (like that’s supposed to make me feel better).  It got me thinking that with all this talk about reforming our health insurance industry shouldn’t we take a good look at what these bastard car insurance companies do and force them to stick to the same standards. (more…)


October 14, 2008

The Brilliance of Obama

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Barak Obama has figured out how to be a tax-and-spend liberal without taxing and spending.  The downfall of the traditional liberal methodology of levying and collecting taxes and then funneling them through government programs to help those in need has always been the transparency of the governmental budget.  People could easily find out how much money went to fund individual aid programs.  Obama’s brilliance in figuring out how to both be a tax-and-spend liberal and still claim to have less impact on taxes than his opponent well very likely win him the election.

How does he pull it off?

In his plan he simply redistributes tax money before the government can get its hands on it.  This has two benefits.  First, if you raise taxes on one portion of the population and give that money directly back to another portion of the population in the form of tax rebates, you can claim that you didn’t raise taxes.  Clearly this claim is well within my definition of statiscrement.  Second and more troubling is that the redistribution is accomplished without any government oversight, management, or accountability.

Turning the IRS into a welfare agency is deplorable policy.

September 14, 2008

Statiscrement – A Definition

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Statiscrement – numerical information intended to prove a point or support a position which, upon closer examination, is found to be a pile of manure.

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