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June 19, 2009

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

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By profession I am a marketer and advertiser but contrary to common belief I am also a human being.  While I spend my workday trying to reach consumers on behalf of my clients, during the rest of the day I take extraordinary measures to hide from them.  (more…)


September 9, 2008

Living Between Worlds

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I work in advertising primarily as a writer. Uncommonly I write both software code and advertising copy and have noticed a distinct schism between the disciplines regarding the desirability of bugs. Writing code is an art that requires accurate descriptions of environmental variables and clear instructions in order to elicit a desired behavior from your reader; in this case the computer. Inaccuracy and incomplete attention to detail almost always results in unintended behavior, known in this environment as a bug. When writing ad copy, the focus is still on eliciting a desired behavior from your audience but unlike when writing code, inaccuracy is a tool to elicit the desired behavior.  The bug is the goal. (more…)

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