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February 2, 2009

You’re DOING IT WRONG! – Using “the” language

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It is difficult for me to criticize people for extraneous word usage since I am such a fan of using a dozen words where six will do but in this case of people who use the word “the” inappropriately I will make an exception.  Seriously, people,  just because it is the most common word in the English language doesn’t make it acceptable to throw it around with complete abandon.

If you use the definite article “the” in front of words describing general concepts or adjectives chances are good that you are DOING IT WRONG!

You did not read about something on “the email” nor did you watch a show on “the HBO” but it is entirely possible that you saw something on the Internet or watched it on the Discovery Channel.  You shouldn’t worry if your child is listening to “the rap music” or is on “the drugs” (including “the marijuana”, “the cocaine”, and “the crack”).  Don’t fear that your child has “the gay” or worry that he will catch “the AIDS” but it is perfectly acceptable to hope they don’t catch the measles.  Your grandmother doesn’t have “the rheumatism” but might possibly suffer from the gout.  To be perfectly safe you should probably avoid buying something from “the Lowes” and opt for the Home Depot instead.

Seriously, people, is it that hard?


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