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January 12, 2009

OJ and Illinois Hate Consequences

As much as the whole Rod Blagoyevich circus dismays me, there is another more concerning undertone to the situation developing.  As Americans we live according to a set of rules.  Lots of sets of rules, actually.  Some are regional, some are contextual, and they are all subject to change in conditions where we find common agreement that it is warranted.  Just like steel, flexibility is one of the things that makes America strong rather than brittle.

What dismays me is the seeming growth of the idea that it is acceptable to ignore current rules and laws if adherence to them creates an unpopular or uncomfortable situation.  (more…)


January 5, 2009

There Will Never Be a Dog World

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Driving in the car with my wife and two little girls made me realize that a society of intelligent dogs could never exist.  (more…)

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