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December 17, 2008

Still Teflon(TM) Coated

Considering the proximity to the Rod Blagoyevich situation both in number of days and political distance from Chicago it seems like a bad idea for Barak Obama to engage in any sort of arrangement that might seem like a quid-pro-quo.  Joe Biden’s choice for his Director of Communications seems problematic and risky in the current environment.  Obama is still new in office and despite the Blagoyevich arrest his Teflon(TM) coating still seems to be intact.

Prior to his appointment to Biden’s staff, Jay Carney was the Washington Beaureu Chief of Time magazine.  Shortly after his appointment we learn of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Barak Obama.  Obama was certainly a deserving cantidate for that honor and Jay Carney is certainly qualified for the position as Director of Communications but given the current mindset of the national press I wouldn’t be surprised to see this coincidence pointed out in a few fringe “Is Obama Crooked?” articles.

I feel like I need to either praise Obama’s fearless approach to doing what he believes to be right or chide him for his naivete in identifying potential problems.  I also feel like I need to praise the press for not stooping below the already low bar they currently set for themselves (a’la all the  “How Involved is Obama?” junk thrown around during the Blagoyevich circus) or mourn the fact that they are currently staffed not only by pandering entertainers but blind pandering entertainers.

So today I am either thrilled or saddened.  I can’t wait to find out later which one it was.


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