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November 21, 2008


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I talked about death over lunch today.  My friend had recently experienced a loss in the family and it gave us a chance to reflect on the nature of things.

Once you experience something, it is in the past and exists only in your memory.  It doesn’t directly affect you beyond that.  Depending on how much of an impression that experience made on your psyche, you may recall it two or three times or two or three hundred times.  In the abscence of other people to share an event with, that would be the extent of it’s effect. (more…)


November 17, 2008

I am the World Champion

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Every morning I test my general level of fitness when I put on my pants.  I attempt to get both my underpants and pants on (not simultaneously) from a standing position without bracing myself on a wall.  It sounds like it should be simple but for me it isn’t.  I was never the most flexible person in the world even when I was in great shape but now that I am older and rounder, bending far enough to put on pants while keeping my balance is a challenge. (more…)

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