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October 28, 2008

Seven Monkeys

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An acquaintance of mine described his wife to me in a way that I still get a kick out of every time I think of it.  He said that if you spent long enough talking to her you realized that her brain was home to seven monkeys that communicated with the outside world by way of a single microphone.  There were no set rules as to which monkey had control of the microphone at any particular time.  At times the strongest monkey was able to enforce his will on the others and control the microphone.  When the strongest monkey lost interest in the microphone one of the other monkeys would eagerly take their turn delivering a monologue to the outside world.  At times the angriest monkey might be given deference and at other times the fastest monkey could swoop in and blurt out random nonsense.  At other times, no monkey was interested in the microphone at all.  Occasionally one of the less heard-from monkeys would wander by the open mic and take the opportunity to interject “I like chocolate” or something similar just to feel the satisfaction of being heard.

It’s this last monkey that makes me smile.  The idea of finding a heavily contested mic open and waiting for some spontaneous idea to be forced into being cheers me up.  Its a blank canvas that demands paint.  I imagine that monkey gets a sense of satisfaction simply by having expressed himself and the mental image of that happy monkey makes me smile.


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  1. spank the monkey

    Comment by Sean — October 29, 2008 @ 1:30 am | Reply

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