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October 21, 2008

I’m DOING IT WRONG! – Drinking Coffee from a Paper Cup

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My Nemesis

My Nemesis

Seriously, I’m old enough that I should be able to eat or drink without spilling anything on my shirt but there is evidence in my family that I may be genetically predisposed to lose that ability as I age.  I was therefore doubly dismayed when I discovered this morning that I had dripped coffee on my white dress shirt, first because I would be spending the entire day at a client’s office wearing a brown bib of shame and second because I might be doomed to a life of dark shirts and fear of sauces and dressings. 

I say that I “dripped” coffee on my shirt but “showered” is more accurate.  As I sit here I count no fewer than 7 dime-sized stains with a couple approaching quarterhood.  It was so pronounced that I was forced to check my paper coffee cup for leaks but alas the search was initially fruitless.  The plastic lid of the cup, too, was pristine and without obvious flaws.  I was dumbfounded.  Surely I couldn’t have just drooled that much coffee out over my slack jaw and onto my shirt without noticing.  My chin wasn’t even wet.  When I pointed out my complete failure at achieving simultaneous nourishment and hygiene to the person picking me up from the airport they let me in on a secret probably well known to legions of faithful Starbucks customers everywhere.


When drinking coffee using a plastic “sippy cup” style lid on a paper cup, be sure the seam of the cup is not aligned with the beverage outlet hole in the lid.  If it is, every time you take a drink a generously sized drop of coffee (tea, capuccino, your beverage of choice) will sneak out between the imperfect seal between the lid and the two sides of the seam.

I was unaware of this and will now spend the day wearing the brown badge of shame I earned by doing it wrong.

As a side note, I, unlike others that have failed at the basic art of consuming a warm beverage, will not be suing the company that served it to me.  I am still a firm believer in the tenet of “Caveat Emptor”.


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