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October 14, 2008

The Brilliance of Obama

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Barak Obama has figured out how to be a tax-and-spend liberal without taxing and spending.  The downfall of the traditional liberal methodology of levying and collecting taxes and then funneling them through government programs to help those in need has always been the transparency of the governmental budget.  People could easily find out how much money went to fund individual aid programs.  Obama’s brilliance in figuring out how to both be a tax-and-spend liberal and still claim to have less impact on taxes than his opponent well very likely win him the election.

How does he pull it off?

In his plan he simply redistributes tax money before the government can get its hands on it.  This has two benefits.  First, if you raise taxes on one portion of the population and give that money directly back to another portion of the population in the form of tax rebates, you can claim that you didn’t raise taxes.  Clearly this claim is well within my definition of statiscrement.  Second and more troubling is that the redistribution is accomplished without any government oversight, management, or accountability.

Turning the IRS into a welfare agency is deplorable policy.


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