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September 10, 2008

You’re DOING It Wrong! – Making the Bed

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You are putting the flat sheet on your bed upside-down.  Stop doing it wrong!  It annoys me.

Flat sheets generally have two sides, one where the pattern is bright and visible and the other where the pattern is faded and much less visible.  I like to call the faded side “the back”.  When making the bed people naturally (and correctly) put the fitted sheet on with the bright side up away from the mattress and facing the sleeper.  The next step is where it all goes horribly wrong.  You lay the flat sheet out with the bright side up where it will inevitably be covered by the comforter.  You leave “the back” facing down to where the occupant of the bed will eventually be.  That’s wrong, wrong, wrong.

Try it this way next time; lay the flat sheet out with “the back” facing up and then lay the comforter on top.  When you peel the comforter and sheet back to climb into bed that night you will be presented with an appealing burst of color from both the bottom AND top sheets of your bed.  I guarantee you will sleep better knowing you made your bed the right way.


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