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July 29, 2008

My New Intellectual Crush

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I talked to a friend of mine about blogging and creative writing in general and he gave me a few pieces of advice which I consider good. His advice was to write about what interests me and don’t be concerned about the conclusions my audience may draw about my character.

He is able to find the energy to make the time to post frequent small pieces to his blog because he focused on a few topics he finds interesting and writes about those. It seems logical enough but hearing it from someone else is often what it takes to let the good sense seep in. I can’t really say there is anything I am precisely interested in and that bothers me a bit. I think the reason that I can’t list my personal interests has to do with the second bit of advice. I think I am uncomfortable with the conclusions people might draw about me based on my stated interests or frequent topics. Why?

Because people’s perceptions of you can create your reality. But that’s a topic for another post.

In order to get past both the hurdles ahead of me, I am declaring “Game Theory” as my new intellectual crush. I am adding it to my “Intellectual Crush List” and will post about it.

I actually have cause to use the tags and categories features now. I feel that progress has been made and for now, my perception creates my reality.


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