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July 28, 2008

Blogging is Hard

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OK, lets be a little more clear. If your expectations are set correctly and you manage your time well, blogging seems like it could be a rewarding activity. Unfortunately for me, I do not manage my time well and I never seem to get my expectations set in anything like stone.

So far, a week after starting this, I have one published post, a bunch of in-progress drafts, and hundreds of half-baked ideas. Some part of my brain believed that by now my blog would have hundreds of well-constructed thought-provoking posts. I am starting to think that my brain manufactures these whimsical expectations so that their inevitable failure is easy to forgive and doing so draws my attention away from the fact that not only do I not have hundreds of posts, I don’t have more than one.

My brain is David Copperfield. “Look over there!”

Blogging, like much else in life, is a process. I hope that doing it will help me with my organizational skills and maybe with my patience. I hope that it will also give me practice in recognizing that ridiculous hopes are probably masking a real issue.

So, on to working on the drafts of future posts…


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