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July 29, 2008

My New Intellectual Crush

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I talked to a friend of mine about blogging and creative writing in general and he gave me a few pieces of advice which I consider good. His advice was to write about what interests me and don’t be concerned about the conclusions my audience may draw about my character.

He is able to find the energy to make the time to post frequent small pieces to his blog because he focused on a few topics he finds interesting and writes about those. It seems logical enough but hearing it from someone else is often what it takes to let the good sense seep in. I can’t really say there is anything I am precisely interested in and that bothers me a bit. I think the reason that I can’t list my personal interests has to do with the second bit of advice. I think I am uncomfortable with the conclusions people might draw about me based on my stated interests or frequent topics. Why?

Because people’s perceptions of you can create your reality. But that’s a topic for another post.

In order to get past both the hurdles ahead of me, I am declaring “Game Theory” as my new intellectual crush. I am adding it to my “Intellectual Crush List” and will post about it.

I actually have cause to use the tags and categories features now. I feel that progress has been made and for now, my perception creates my reality.


July 28, 2008

20 Year Class Reunion – A Summary of the Scoring Rules

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Sure, you turned out better than everyone you graduated high school with but now that your 20 year class reunion is approaching you get to find out exactly how much better. Here is a quick summary of the point values of your life events since graduation:

Minor Victories (1 – 10 points):

You have better jewelry, a nicer watch, or a cooler cellphone.

Your tan is better.

Your teeth are whiter.

Your airline frequent-flyer status is higher.

You moved away after high school.

You have cooler hobbies.

You are a television or film personality in a foreign country.

You are a professional athlete in minor sport such as rodeo.

You are a professional athlete in a major sport but you get no playtime.

You have received positive news coverage on some aspect of your life.

You have minor celebrities as close friends.

They have appeared in an Internet video without nudity.

They are involved in a multi-level marketing program.

They have a government job with an agency other than the military, NASA, intelligence, or the treasury.

Major Victories (10 – 50 points)

You are better dressed.

Your spouse is hotter and/or famous.

Your car is more expensive.

You have a singular job (The *blank* of *blank*).

They are balding.

They are fat.

They are unemployed.

They are a cult member.

They have facial tattoos or visible body modifications.

They have a felony conviction.

They have appeared in an Internet video with nudity.

They have a non-military job that requires a name tag.

They have at one time been institutionalized.

They are a registered sex offender.

They are an alumnus of a rehab facility.

Fame (50 – 100 points)

You are a Nobel Prize winner.

You won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, or Golden Globe.

You are a major professional athlete.

You are a local television or film personality.

You are a national television or film personality.

You are an elected official.

You have an album or book available at mainstream retailers like Wal-Mart or

TKOs (100 – 500 points)

They cared too much or tried too hard.

They are wearing a hairpiece, girdle, or elevator shoes.

They didn’t show up for the reunion.

They showed up to the reunion drunk.


Google hits

Facebook/MySpace Friends


Any condition in your classmate that prevents you from taking pleasure in being superior results in an automatic disqualification. These include:



Terminal Illness

Unimportant Factors:

Marital status.

Number or quality of kids.

Anything that happened while still enrolled in any kind of educational institution.

City you live in (other than hometown).

Blogging is Hard

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OK, lets be a little more clear. If your expectations are set correctly and you manage your time well, blogging seems like it could be a rewarding activity. Unfortunately for me, I do not manage my time well and I never seem to get my expectations set in anything like stone.

So far, a week after starting this, I have one published post, a bunch of in-progress drafts, and hundreds of half-baked ideas. Some part of my brain believed that by now my blog would have hundreds of well-constructed thought-provoking posts. I am starting to think that my brain manufactures these whimsical expectations so that their inevitable failure is easy to forgive and doing so draws my attention away from the fact that not only do I not have hundreds of posts, I don’t have more than one.

My brain is David Copperfield. “Look over there!”

Blogging, like much else in life, is a process. I hope that doing it will help me with my organizational skills and maybe with my patience. I hope that it will also give me practice in recognizing that ridiculous hopes are probably masking a real issue.

So, on to working on the drafts of future posts…

July 23, 2008

me: Hello World! world: Oh, you again.

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I believe the vast majority of bloggers to be self-important people in love with the sound of the voice inside their head.  It is an admittedly severe view formed by little actual fact and I recognize that I believe it largely because it amuses me to do so.  As an admitted egotist (anti-egotist, narcissist, depends on how you slice me) I should been compelled to begin blogging long ago but my manufactured disdain for the practice served to keep me from starting an endeavor for which I have precious little time in my life.  …and yet here I am.

Maybe bloggers do it to get the voice inside their head to shut up.  I hope so because mine is beginning to bug me.  It is starting to sound like a child in dire need of Ritalin and a sedative.

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